Improve your game with our experienced PGA Golf Coaching.
PGA Golf Coaching

PGA Coaching for Corporate Groups & Individuals

At Aguila Performance, we offer PGA Golf coaching for corporate groups, private groups, and individuals. Our experienced team is dedicated to delivering high-quality instruction that is both enjoyable and effective.
Greg Holmes is a fully-qualified PGA Golf Professional who is passionate about delivering personalized golf services to each group or individual
In addition to offering our services at our premises, we also partner with various golf clubs in Dubai. And if you have purchased a home simulator from Aguila Performance, you can even receive golf Coaching from the comfort of your own home.

Details of Coaching


Aguila Performance will present your company with a multitude of golf formats for your golf day
Using a golf simulator offers several benefits, including:
  • More focus on the target
  • Greater understanding of how swing path and clubface angle affect ball flight
  • Accurate measurement of impact location on the clubface
  • Verification of correct golf club lie
  • Quantitative data on key swing metrics such as club path, angle of attack, and clubface position at impact
While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to golf instruction, we understand that good feel and tempo are essential for a consistent swing. Our holistic coaching approach addresses all key areas of the game to ensure your path to great golf is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.
Our training is thorough and simple, and we cover the following topics
  • Neuro-physical movement patterns
  • Physical, muscular and skeletal assessments
  • Bespoke swing development
  • Mental game
  • Course management
  • Club striking


Aguila Performance will present your company with a multitude of golf formats for your golf day.
Our PGA Golf Coaching sessions can help you improve your overall course management skills during your round. Golf course management is all about the choices you make at every hole, for every shot, and every swing. Our PGA Professional will help you improve all the decisions you make to execute your game strategy and achieve your golfing goals.
Our on-course sessions will cover:
  • Shot selection
  • Short game
  • Pre shot routine
  • How conditions such as wind, different lies etc affect shot results
  • Mental game
  • How to limit fatigue and frustration
One swing does not fit all! While there are key elements to hitting the ball well, good feel and tempo are essential to a consistent golf swing.
Playing golf on the course is far different from hitting countless balls on the practice area. On the course, you only have one chance at each shot. Too many golfers focus on perfecting their swing on the course instead of evaluating their shot options. Bad decisions can cost you more strokes than bad swings. Selecting the wrong club, line, or shot option can add up to a double bogey or worse.

PGA Professional

PGA Golf Coach
Greg Holmes, our Director of Coaching, is a fully-qualified PGA Golf Professional who turned pro in 1992. He has since been heavily involved in the golf industry, working at various clubs in the UK, playing on various tours around Europe and Asia, and representing the UAE in the World PGA Team Championships.After spending 7 years as Director of Golf at Doha Golf Club, Qatar, Greg worked for Foresight Sports, acted as Events Director for Prime Power ME, and became the National Coach of the UAE National Team and CEO of the UAE PGA.
Greg has taught golfers from all levels, including beginners, advanced players, and various tour players. He has also worked closely with world-renowned bio-mechanics specialists such as JJ Rivet and elite coaches Dennis Pugh, Nick Bradley, and Simon Holmes.
Greg believes in keeping the game simple and that one swing does not fit all. With over 30 years of coaching experience in both the physical and mental aspects of the game, he will ensure that your learning pathway is smooth and enjoyable.

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