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GCQuad Camera

The GCQuad

The GCQuad is the most accurate, reliable and complete launch monitor ever produced.
The GCQuad’s exclusive quadroscopic imaging technology captures the 3D position of both the ball and club head with millimetric precision to deliver the most comprehensive picture of ball and club data possible – with equal precision both indoors and outdoors.
Golf Digest Editor's Choice award winner for three consecutive years, from the outdoor range to the indoor simulation studio, nothing compares to the GCQuad.
  • Unmatched Performance Insight
  • Indoor / Outdoor Tour-trusted Performance
  • Quadrospocic high-speed camera technology
  • Available clubhead and putting add-ons
  • Mobile, precise and easy set-up in 30 seconds with the alignment stick(range, course, indoors same consistent, trusted, reliable data)
    Battery life up to 8 hours so you do not have to worry about charging if you are working outdoors for long periods
    No need for an ipad/pc the GCQuad can be used simply on its own as it has LCD data screen
    Barometric & temperature sensors which adjust data automatically to environmental factors of temperature and altitude
    Measures every shot in the bag
    Directly measures impact location with no need for additional lighting
    No need for markers on golf balls when using indoor or outdoor
    Directly meaures spin axis rather than guessing based on club head data
    No annual licence fees
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