Aguila Performance specialises in turn-key golf simulation solutions and corporate golf services.

The Foresight Technology

Foresight Sports technology is now used by every equipment manufacturer in the golf industry, many top tour professionals, USGA and R&A, retail chains around the world, thousands of PGA professionals,coaches and club fitters and private clients for home entertainment.
The Foresight launch camera is the only one of its kind to directly measure the exact movement of the dimple patterns on the golf ball as it is struck by the player. The launch camera directly measures, with total accuracy, the launch angle, direction, speed and exact spin of the ball.
This data is then fed into the Foresight simulation software to provide the ultimate practice, analysis,club-fitting and playing experience.


FSX Software

FSX 2020

Take your game indoors and to the next level with FSX 2020. Whether you are perfecting your drive on the range or playing a world-class course in your simulation studio, FSX 2020 delivers the most \comprehensive and game immersive golf we offer.
From the extensive collection of golf courses to the best performance feedback experience available, FSX 2020 is the most complete golf simulation software.
  • Hyper-realistic graphics
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Collapsible Head Up Display

    Our next-gen golf simulation experience is here. With FSX Play, you get stunning, true-to-life graphics, precise course gameplay, and the most intuitive user interface available. Built on the industry’s most advanced gaming platform, FSX Play blurs the line between virtual and reality.
    Operating Requirements:
  • A valid FSX 2020 software license required to purchase.
  • GC3, GCQuad, or GCHawk launch monitors.
  • PC operating Windows 7 or greater
  • Gallery