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My name is Greg Holmes and I am a PGA Qualified Professional and Director at Aquila Performance. With over 30 years of coaching and golf management experience, I look forward to improving your game and updating you on topical developments in the Golf industry.

The game of golf has transformed dramatically over the last 30 years. Through mass improvements in equipment and technology, the game has undoubtedly become easier to play.

Equipment has become more forgiving for sure and technology such as video analysis, launch monitors and balance plates have definitely aided coaches to pinpoint faults and quickly implement fixes.

However, the data you collect is only good if you know how to analyze it correctly and more importantly, how to improve it!
One of the most common phrases I hear during my initial conversation is, “I want more consistency”. Don’t we all?
A quick fix does not make your game more consistent. In order to become more consistent you must first be honest about your game and be more consistent in ensuring the basic fundamentals are correct and ensuring you are practicing correctly!

At Aguila Performance we want to provide positive results for our clients and help you improve. We achieve this by offering a holistic approach in our coaching through accurate assessments and achievable goal setting. To improve you need not only the correct pathway for you but an environment you trust, feel supported, and assured you are on the right track.

Remember, there isn’t one swing fits all! We are all physically different and we all have different characteristics in our swings. The important point is to ensure we achieve a consistent impact!

If it’s the consistency you are looking for then please reach out and book your first session.

For more information on our products and services please get In touch.

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