Seatrade Maritime Golf Day

On the picturesque greens of the Emirates Golf Club’s Faldo course, the inaugural Seatrade Maritime Golf Day took place on the 15th of May 2023. The event, managed by Aguila Performance, brought together maritime professionals for a day of friendly competition, networking, and camaraderie against the stunning backdrop of Dubai’s skyline.

The tournament format of the day was Texas Scramble, a thrilling and inclusive format that allowed players of all skill levels to participate and contribute to their team’s success. In this format, each team member teed off, and then the best shot was selected. From there, all team members played their subsequent shots from that spot. This continued until the ball was holed, ensuring that teamwork, strategy, and skill were essential ingredients for victory.

The event gained further support from hole sponsors who added their flair to the day’s proceedings. ABS Wavesight, Desmi Shipping, Tomini Shipping, and Informa Markets lent their support and expertise, demonstrating their commitment to the maritime industry. Their involvement not only added prestige to the event but also provided an opportunity for participants to interact with industry leaders and explore potential partnerships.

As the sun began to set, the day’s golfing action culminated in a prize-giving buffet. Participants gathered to celebrate the achievements of the day and enjoy a well-deserved feast. The buffet provided an opportunity for attendees to unwind, share stories from the course, and further network with industry peers. It served as the perfect conclusion to a day filled with golfing excellence, camaraderie, and the forging of new professional relationships.

The inaugural Seatrade Maritime Golf Day at the Emirates Golf Club, Faldo course, not only showcased the talent and passion within the maritime industry but also highlighted the power of sport in bringing professionals together.
The event provided a platform for networking, collaboration, and celebration, offering a unique opportunity for maritime professionals to connect outside the confines of the workplace.

Aguila Performance ensured that every aspect of the event was meticulously organized, allowing participants to focus on their game and enjoy the experience. From the Guest registration, provision of tournament gifts, on-course branding, tournament format, trophies and the prize-giving buffet, every detail contributed to the overall success of the event, leaving participants eager for future editions of the Seatrade Maritime Golf Day.

As the maritime industry continues to evolve and grow, events like the Seatrade Maritime Golf Day serve as vital touchpoints for professionals to come together, exchange ideas, and strengthen industry bonds. It is through these connections and collaborations that the industry will thrive and overcome challenges, working towards a brighter future.

The inaugural Seatrade Maritime Golf Day at the Emirates Golf Club, Faldo course, was a resounding success, and it is certain that this event will become a highlight in the calendar of maritime professionals in the years to come.

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